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About Richard

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Richard Condlyffe is a UK born, US based, underwater photographer.  Richard grew up watching the amazing wildlife documentaries of the BBC and developed a fascination with the underwater world at an early age.  After moving to the US Richard became a certified SCUBA diver over 20 years ago, and taking his camera beneath the surface soon followed.  


His images have been recognized in photography competitions around the world.

Richard’s photography and words have been featured in publications such as SCUBA Diving Magazine, Diver Magazine (UK) and the Sunday Times Magazine.

Richard travels extensively to create images from diverse underwater environments.  He enjoys challenging his own creativity and mastery of photography to create eye-catching compositions. 


Richard has a particular love for sharks and teaches a Shark photography class, helping others to get the most out of their interactions with these awesome and important creatures.  


He believes that through sharing his work more and more people will recognize the need for aggressive conservation efforts to protect endangered species against illegal fishing, shark finning and ocean pollution. 


At the end of each year Richard donates a portion of his profits to the ocean conservation charities he believes are doing the most to make a difference for our oceans and their inhabitants.

Reviews of Richard's products:

Richard recognizes that customer reviews can be an important part of the decision to make a purchase.  He also sells a selection of his work (*not Limited Editions) through the popular online art site, Etsy.  His shop is called "Underwater Photo Arts" and can be accessed by clicking here.  On this shop page you can read dozens of reviews from Richard's customers, and even make your purchase there if you prefer.  

Richard's art is only available through this website and his Etsy shop - any other selling source found online is not authentic and should be avoided.  

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Believing in a commitment to continuous learning and excellence, Richard is a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America.  Why buy your art from a Certified Professional Photographer?  Here's why...

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